November 30, 2003

John Sedley (1913-2003)


Today we attended the funeral of my 90 year old Uncle John. Funerals are not the most pleasant of experiences, but when the person has had a good life we can reflect on it with happiness. Throughout my life I have always thought of my father’s two youngest brothers, John and Robert, as role models in how to approach life with an open mind and good sense of humour. John maintained a humorous twinkle in his eye right to the end. He had a short spell in hospital in August and when we went to visit him, he saw us from a distance even before we saw him.

We send all our love and best wishes to Robert and to John's son Douglas who has faced the double loss of his father and younger brother, Brian, who died in July. If there is a life hereafter, then at least John will be met by Brian, whose death he was unaware of in this life.

God Bless you Uncle John We loved you and we will miss you.

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November 25, 2003


I was sitting musing this morning about how fast the seasons change and the fact that the bad weather is not too far away. After such a good summer I wonder how we are going to cope with the opposite end of the temperature scale. Will we also suffer worse attacks of SADS than in any other year? No! Come on, let’s be positive about this. We must have great memories that are indelibly printed on our brains of things that happened during the good weather this year. Well, I have decided that at any time I feel depressed, I am going to look at this picture that Nina took outside our house about three weeks ago. It just seems that the trees are saying ‘Thank You’ for the summer. I want to reiterate that feeling to them for looking so wonderful through the year and hoping that the winter slumber that they will enjoy will reinforce their determination to look even better next year.

What has happened to me? Have you ever heard me waxing so lyrical and poetic before? I promise it won’t happen again!

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November 11, 2003

Happy Birthday to Carly


We wish our eldest granddaughter a very happy 16th birthday. We hope you have a fabulous year and that your GCSE results will be just what you hope for.

All our love from Grandma & Grandpa

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