April 29, 2004


At last it is finished. We followed up the wonderful day at John Lewis and took the irrevocable step of ordering a granite work surface and new hob. Of course, as I said in my last entry, it also meant a new sink and taps. We bought the hob via the Internet and saved over £100 on the JL price.

The next stage was to clear the entire work surface to allow a template to be taken in order for the granite to be cut to size with the relevant cut-outs for the basin and hob. A week later the same clearance programme has to be put into action again to allow for the installation.

Last week the crew arrived from South East Marble & Granite to fix everything. What a great bunch of guys they were. Everything you have dreamed about from workmen – clean, tidy, didn’t drink too much tea and knew exactly what they were doing. If anyone reading this in the UK wants to update their kitchen, contact them at the link above and ask for Jim. If you mention my name he won’t put the phone down on you!

The Hob

The Sink

So there we are – at the cost of approximately half of the cost of our next holiday to South America (Does that mean that only one of us can go?), we have the kitchen that Nina always wanted. Her only problem at the moment is learning how to drive the new hob. It can accommodate four timers, several memory programs and has no knobs or buttons, only finger touch points. It does not have a reverse gear to deal with something that may be overdone!

Looking at it one day this week Nina became very philosophical and commented, whilst stroking the granite, “Isn’t it remarkable to think that this is millions of years old”. Good old down-to-earth me replied – “Don’t be daft – it was only put in last week”. It just goes to show what a philistine I am. I don’t know much about art or kitchens, but I know what I like.

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