May 23, 2004



Today we had a service to consecrate the memorials to my Uncle John and his son Brian. Sadly Brian died at the young age of 61 last July four months before his father who was in his 91st year. If any memorial was really to be effective in the Sedley family, it had to include the word “Humour”. It was delightful to see that both stones included that word and enabled us all to truly feel that we were celebrating the lives of two men who really appreciated what the word meant. Brian’s daughter Victoria spoke about her father and gave us a cameo insight of Brian as a family man, and I spoke about the family history and John’s place in all our hearts. There were 11 Sedley cousins present and it was a wonderful experience to get us all together for this picture with our Uncle Robert (John’s brother) who will be 89 in July.
L to R: Stephen, Janet, Marian, Lorna, Daniel, Michel, Jeff, Uncle Robert, Douglas, Gillian, Brian (Plen) and David

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May 22, 2004


A very Happy Birthday to our wonderful Granddaughter Jaimie – finally reached her “Teens”. We love you very much. Sorry we did not put this up earlier, but as you know we have been out all day.

Also Happy Birthday to cousin Lorna, just a few years older than Jaimie!

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May 09, 2004



Today is Nina's birthday and tomorrow it will be mine. I am somewhat torn as to what we should do about such anniversaries bearing in mind our advancing years. There are not many things that I am ambivalent about as I can usually formulate an opinion one way or the other. OK, on reflection, we should be jolly glad that we have reached this age and have spent so much of it in each other's company. I only hope that we can look forward to many more birthdays and that we can also continue to laugh about life as we have always done. We also hope that our great circle of friends and relations will continue to be around for just as long. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO US!

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