February 26, 2005

Happy Birthday - Neil

Last year I promised that I would not post a greeting to Neil on his birthday until the following day. This was because he always took the day off from work to be completely on his own in his own space. OK, so this year it is not a working day! Sorry Neil, I will have to break the promise. Happy Birthday from Mum & Dad.

Console yourself with the though that however much older you get, we are still way ahead of you! Have a great weekend.

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February 11, 2005


This photo business is going to take some time! I have got the first 18 into the album, but selecting from the 500+ that Nina and I took is going to take a lot of work.

In the meantime just keep checking the 'Photo Album' item "South Atlantic Cruise" or go to: -


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February 09, 2005


Well, here we are home again. After a very tiring journey stating when we left the ship on Monday morning at about 0900hrs, we finally arrived 'Chez Nous' at 1730hrs last night. I am not apologising for not writing up this entry at once as I was completely knackered and needed a shower. I will try to get a few pictures up into an alum tonight, although I cannot guarantee that they will all be titled - that may take some time. So once again it is a case of watch this space.

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February 06, 2005

Final Day

After leaving Puerto Montt we faced the prospect of having five succesive days at sea. This quiz business is becoming obsessive - I have now won 5 in a row. We met a new American couple this morning and introduced ourselves and he said 'Oh yes, you win all the quizzes'!

We had a spell of sunshine after leaving Puerto Montt and we spent another short session in the sun. I have transferred nearly 300 pictures on to a disk and we are less than half way through looking at them so they will now have to wait until we get home.

We have nearly finished packing and this will be my last entry as we have to be on shore tomrrow at 7.40am

So long folks, we will let you know Tuesday pm how the story ends.

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February 05, 2005

Puerto Montt

After leaving the glaciers on Thursday the weather closed in and we saw nothing for the rest of the day. It was very rough and we were in fairly thick fog all day. It could have been Barking or even Beckton! We also lost the satellite until this morning and that is why I have been out of touch.

Yesterday at sea was the best so far. We were sailing through the offshore islands and the weather was very hot. We can't believe the difference today. We have winds in excess of 20knots and as we have to land by tender here in Puerto Montt, all landings have been cancelled. The result is that we have had to up anchor and sail. That means we are moving on from Barking to Tilbury!

I have been on the winning teams three times at the evening quizzes, and I am being offered transfer fees to go to another team. I feel just like David Beckham!!!!!

Today everyone wants to get on line so I will sign off until tomorrow,

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February 03, 2005


After yesterday's item we reached the Amalia glacier. If anyone was tuned in to the webcam between the hours of 1900 & 2100hrs GMT last night you should have had a great view of the glacier. We went within about 1 mile of it and one of our lifeboats went out to get some ice! We understand it will be used to cool the champagne for our farewell dinner on Saturday.

This morning we got up early to see the 'Pope Pius XI' glacier, but as it was 'calving' quite rapidly and there were several large 'calves' floating by, the captain decided that it would be too dangerous to go closer than about six miles. We still got some pretty good pictures thouugh. This glacier is in the Seno Eyre Fjord, and although we turned to leave the fjord about an hour and a half ago, we have a long way to go to get back on route.

Now we face a long day at sea - another busy doing nothing day!

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February 02, 2005

Punta Arenas

Well you all know about our morning in Punta Arenas.

In the afternoon we visited a penguin colony two hours out of town. These were the Magellenic Penguins which, to our surprise, live and nest some 800m or more from the beach. They migrate North in the winter to around Buenos Aires - obviously very intelligent birds!

We got back to the ship with winds reaching about 40mph, but an hour later they dropped completely and we sailed so smoothly. What contrasts we have seen.

We are at sea for the next three days and looking forward to seeing the Chilean glaciers. Keep watching that webcam Karen!

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February 01, 2005

We Are Still Alive!

Sorry everyone, we have had satellite problems. After rounding Cape Horn we lost the satellite and have had to wait until this morning. We are now in Punta Arenas -Chile and I have found an Internet Cafe that is a fraction of the cost of using the shipboard service!

Rounding the Horn was an awesome experience well worth the wait. We had been on deck for about two hours dressed up in all our warm clobber. The temperature was not really that low, but the wind chill factor didnīt help. The delay was due to the inclement weather experienced since we left Stanley the day before, and the captain kept apologising for the delay.

I hope that the hundreds of pictures we have taken live up to the thumbnail view when we see them for real on the screen.

We were in Ushuaia yesterday and had a fantastic ride on the southernmost railway in the world. Ushuaia was an Argentinian penal colony and the railroad was built by convicts to carry timber from the forests to the prison for heating. It is a 600mm gauge track which was closed in 1948. It was reopened in 1994 as a tourist attraction and has certainly proved to be a success.

We are off in an hour or so to see a penguin colony and once again grateful that the weather is being exceptionally kind to us.

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