June 18, 2005

Another Cruise via Beckton?

No – Not quite, as we sail from Tilbury this time which is a little further down river. On Monday we sail on our cruise to the Norwegian fjords, which was Nina’s birthday present to me. My cousins Janet & Lorna are coming with, together with Jan and John from Australia. I am sure that this will be a birthday party to be remembered.

MV Arion

I don’t know if there is an online service on this ship, but if so, will keep you all informed of our progress. Scaramouche, keep your binoculars trained on the Thames for the next week!

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June 11, 2005

A Week of New Experiences

What a week the past seven days have been! I have a new computer that has caused innumerable traumas and problems with regard to the transfer of programs and files. On Wednesday, Nina and myself celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary balanced all of this. We went out with Jackie & Ron, who as most of my readers will know, celebrate the same date and number of years with us. We then met another cousin of mine from California for the first time. I have corresponded with Clarice and her husband Dale, for some time, but this is the first time we have ever met.

Dale, Clarice and Nina

We met them again on Thursday at the Tate Modern and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We hope they have a great time whilst they are in the UK, and we are able to meet them again soon.

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