July 31, 2005

90 Years Young

"The Birthday Boy"
Today has been one of those “Golden Days” for the Sedley family. We all gathered at the Bowood Golf Club in Wiltshire to celebrate Uncle Robert’s 90th Birthday. It was great to see 11 members of my generation and their partners joining Auntie Margaret & Uncle Robert on this memorable occasion. What a pity we could not have had the next generation there with us, but we would have had to have taken over the town of Chippenham to do it! The picture I have included below is of all the guests, family and two couples of Uncle Robert’s friends from their village. Click on the link here to see the rest of the photos.

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July 22, 2005

Carly's Back!

Carly arrived home from Israel this morning sporting her bronze medal. Well done Carls!
For more pictures, including all the action go to Laura's page,

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No Room at the Inn

For the first time in my life, that I can recall, I have allowed a health situation to dominate me and to create an element of depression. Now those of you who know me might be surprised to read this, but I suppose we all experience something like this, as we get older, from time to time. This is why you have not seen any pictures of our Norwegian trip, and so, I have come to my senses and taken the bull by the horns and decided to try to find the lighter side of the situation.

What is it then that has dominated my life for the last month or so? I would ask you to think of your body as an hotel; receiving guests, both welcome and unwelcome, staying for different lengths of sojourn (very biblical). As in any hotel, these guests are both pleasant and welcome or unpleasant and intrusive.

I have two long-term unwelcome guests, namely Hypertension, who travels under the pseudonym of “High Blood Pressure” and Diabetes Mellitus. Both of these visitors, although unwelcome, are reasonably passive and do not cause me too many problems, and as with some people, you may not like them but have to learn to live with them. In their own way these two are quite happy living in the comfort that I provide for them, and it is obvious that they do not intend, at the moment, to cause me any discomfort beyond that which demands I acknowledge their existence.

We have to admit that this hotel we manage never seems to be able to put out a sign that says “No Vacancies”. The terms we use to describe these guests are “chronic” for those that stay forever, and “acute” for the fleeting visitors. I always thought that acute was an angle of less than 90°, so maybe they mean “cute”. I feel that cute is certainly not a word I would wish to use for my latest, hopefully, short-term arrival. I am reliably informed that his name is Ingrowing Toenail. I would like to have rejected this unpleasant intruder, but he crept up on me carrying his baggage with a label on it that said, “Infected”. Apparently the only legal recourse that I have to evict this unwanted resident is to seek the help of the medical profession. I have therefore deposited my petition at the relevant hospital and now have to wait for my case to be listed. I do hope that the death sentence still operates for such cases. The alternative is to have the offending toe removed, but this is totally unacceptable. How could I possibly live, being able only to count to 19?

Having now written this article, I feel the depression slowly wafting away, and once again I have to thank my blog, for giving me the ability to get on top of things!

What on earth is the use of toenails anyway? They adorn the furthermost extremities of our bodies, serving no purpose whatsoever, and seem to only have any value to women who delight in covering them with brightly coloured cellulose coatings.

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July 03, 2005

The Sedley-Frankel Alliance.

Tonight we had a delightful evening at my cousin Douglas’s home. He and his wife Angela arranged a gathering of the clans. This was another occasion in the cementing of the Sedley-Frankel alliance, which has gathered pace over the last few weeks.

The catalyst for this has been the wedding of Michel Khalifa to Mirjam in Amsterdam, at which the American and French branches gathered. We were delighted that Michel & Mirjam were also in London today and it is incredible to think that I have reached the age of 70 and continue to meet relatives for the first time.


I promised everyone that this entry would be on my website tonight, together with this picture. If you want to know who everyone is, you will have to email me!

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