October 25, 2005

Cheltenham Cheese Festival

I appear to be getting rather lazy these days as I should have updated this item last Saturday.

We went with our usual coach and driver, Dave, and as usual the trip was organised by Annette Chesher. I now refer to her as the "Chesher Cheese" lady! On the return journey our timing was perfect, as Dave had decided to avoid Oxford at the busy time and return via the M4. This gave us the opportunity to view the Trafalgar firework display at Windsor Castle. An attractive diversion. By the time we got back to Loughton you could play "Name That Cheese" on the coach by the way that the purchases were "singing"!

In The Cheese Tent

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October 09, 2005


I have just returned from a weekend in Scotland, having judged Cairns at the Scottish Breeds Canine Club’s open show. This was held in Arbroath, the home of the famous “smokies”. I flew up to Dundee and stayed in an hotel there. I was pick up at the hotel on Saturday morning by one of the committee members and whisked away to the venue. After judging some excellent dogs, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in the company of Sybil & John Berrecloth of the Sybster Cairns. Hand on heart – the fact that Sybil’s dog was Best of Breed had nothing to do with me trying to get an invitation home with them! He was just the best dog I judged on the day.

For my dear friend “Minnesota Jim”; I must tell you that I stayed at a Premier Travel Inn. It was a total clone of the one in Mansfield, but I will never see them in the same light again. It was not the same without you, Sue and Nina.

A very big “Thank You” to Sybil for taking me to Dundee Airport this afternoon, and by the way, Sybil, if you wondered what the weird buzzing noise was coming from the back of your car, I can now reveal all! When I got into the departure lounge, another passenger said to me that there was a strange buzz coming from my bag. I opened it to find that my electric toothbrush had somehow switched itself on! Inside of bag now totally free of plaque!

Thanks again to everyone in Scotland for asking me to judge such a friendly show.


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October 01, 2005

49 Years On

30 September 1956

Oh Boy! How time flies. I suddenly realised yesterday that it was 49 years since Nina & I got engaged. At least we can still smile at the thought of how young we were. I know our family probably thinks that we were old "Fuddy Duddies", but we also had our rebelions and we were also "cool" for our time! Pehaps they will remember that when they reach this period of their lives. Suffice it to say that, at the moment we are having the last laugh!

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