February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Neil

Last year I vowed that I would leave Neil alone on his birthday, but now I am in a dilemma as, yesterday being a Sunday, we invited him and Laura’s lot over for tea.

So, Neil, sorry I woke you up on your birthday, but you have to realise that we were eager to wish you “Happy Birthday”. We both love you very much and these things have to be put into action at the earliest moment. It was great having the family present so that we could all celebrate. What is another year when you are in the prime of your life?

This is the photo we took to record the occasion and you have to admit that we all look very happy.

Have a good year and may it finish as well as it has started for you.

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February 08, 2006


The euphoric zenith of attending a fantastic Championship Show at Langley on Saturday to the nadir of having to have the operation on my toe yesterday, could not have demonstrated a greater contrast of emotions. Today I find myself attempting to master the intricacies of coping with crutches without allowing my right foot to touch the ground. I am also sporting the latest fashion in orthopaedic footwear, probably a size 47 shoe!
"The Foot"

I have nothing but praise for the medical and surgical staff at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping. I cannot ever remember having so many delightful young ladies fussing around me as there were in the theatre. Although the overall procedure was relatively minor, as you can see from the picture, I have an enormous dressing which will not be changed until next Tuesday. Hopefully then I will be able to wear a normal shoe and drive again. In the meantime I just have to be totally reliant on Nina – so what has changed?

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