July 31, 2006

Henry Moore at Perry Green

In December 2005 a giant sculpture by Henry Moore was stolen from his home at Perry Green in Hertfordshire. After visiting Perry Green and seeing the size of most of the pieces, you almost admire the task the thieves set themselves!

This morning Liz Jones arranged a private visit for the photographic group. Once again the U3A has turned up trumps.

I have set up an album item for the pictures I took, but must ask everyone to respect the fact that these pictures are copyright and belong to the Henry Moore Foundation. The trust gave us a concession on the understanding that the pictures were for our exclusive use and would not be published. I have therefore not provided a link via this article, but you can view them by entering my photo albums directly and going to item 27

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July 26, 2006

Beaulieu & Bucklers Hard

We have just arrived back home after another U3A day out. We went to Beaulieu Abbey (The ancestral home of Lord Montague) and Motor Museum. For those of you from abroad, it is pronounced “BYOO-LEE”. Do I hear groans coming from the direction of France? Sorry about that, but that’s the way we British are.

Maybe it is me, but why was I the only member of our group on the monorail when it broke down? When you are stuck in a monorail some 30 feet above the ground you just have to wait for the rescue vehicle to come and tow the train into a station.

After the Beaulieu vist we went on to the village of Bucklers Hard and enjoyed a 30 minute trip down the Beaulieu River.

Click here to see the pictures. My Uncle Dick had a Morris 8 just like the one in the picture.

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July 11, 2006

Totally Home Now!

At last I have managed to put titles to all of the photos associated with the Ukraine holiday. It is a very tedious job, but as soon as it is finished I realise that the true end to the hokiday has arrived. Still, I have this blog to console me!

So now you can go back to the last entry and review my pictures and reallly bore yourself!

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