February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Neil

Never Opens his Eyes
for a Photograph!

I know that I vowed that I would not wish Neil “Happy Birthday” until the day after each year, but I have to break the promise this year as he is coming over to us this evening.

Celebrating your son’s birthday is always a milestone, but Nina and I cannot believe that it was 45 years ago that we welcomed him into this world at 10 minutes past midnight. All I can say is that we could not have asked for a better son; and every year only confirms the fact.

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February 20, 2007

The Young Pretender

Welcome to your new home

I have waited to introduce my new car until I had tested it fully. Today I visited a client and had to use the M25 so was able to give it a bit of "wellie". Oh Boy! It really can move. Yesterday, I had parked in a street opposite a client, and when I returned, I had a moment of panic - I was looking for a red car!

I suppose that I will learn to love this little upstart eventually.

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February 09, 2007

Farewell Old Friend!

I have been rather slow in updating this site over the last month or so, but my duties as chairman of the Epping Forest U3A have demanded more time than I originally anticipated. I am however enjoying the position very much, and have to say that I have got a really great committee.

A Last Picture in the Snow!

About three years ago I wrote of the trauma of switching from film camera to digital, and commented that disposing of my trusted 35mm camera was rather like having an old dog put down. Well; it has happened again. I have finally decided to pension off my car. I have had this Peugeot 406 for nearly 11 years and have grown very fond of it. My relationship with it has been superb but after all this time and 111,000 miles I am beginning to notice the increase in the frequency of large bills. I will be driving it until next week when my perky two year old 307 will be ready to collect. I shall be quite choked saying farewell to my old friend. I will report on the changeover when it occurs..

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