May 30, 2007

New Age Food!

From The Sunday Times
May 27, 2007
Scientists breed cows that give skimmed milk

There you are, proof in print that I am not making this up. I read this headline and my perverse brain clicked into gear and I realised that perhaps I ought to put everyone in the picture as to what this could mean for all our futures. Apparently the cows in question are not genetically modified but are natural mutations. OK, so what does this foretell for the world? It is obvious to me that the power of concentrated thought can be brought to focus on a strong desire. There were these New Zealand dairy farmers at a conference when one delegate said, “Hey guys, just think of the profit we could make if cows produced skimmed milk?” The strength of the thought waves this produced had the desired effect, and thus was born the sacred cow – literally. Apparently according to the article, it also produces spreadable butter straight from the fridge!

This is where my imagination kicked in. Maybe Bernard Matthews (who has had his own share of problems recently) could boost his profits by breeding, with the aid of genes from various arachnids, eight legged chickens. There would then be no shortage of “drumsticks” at the dinner table and families with more that two children would not have to make the judgement of Solomon by showing favouritism. Perhaps these hens could also produce hard boiled eggs to enable all of us to save energy. Maybe they could go further and lay 4, 6 or 8 minute eggs!

Taking the system on to a natural sequence of scientific development, surely the introduction of vegetable genes into animals could lead to the ability of sheep producing lambs that are already mint flavoured – possibly also with a touch of rosemary! Personally, I would be delighted to try the soon to be marketed Orange Flavoured Duck! One of the problems here of course might be the overshadowing flavour of the various varieties of pond weed. Sterile ponds would be required for the breeding of these ducks but I feel that these could be advantageous in the fight against global pollution.

Feeding beef cattle horseradish could present a problem as the taste for that sauce is not universal and the cost of separating herds could be prohibitive. Economists would, I am sure, like to address this problem and arrive at a reasonable compromise.

I am really excited about all of these ground breaking and world shattering possibilities, but realise that at my advanced years I am unlikely to benefit from the wonders of these new foods. It is more likely that we will be fed the nutrient pill in our dotage to allow the aisles of the supermarkets to be freed for the more mobile non-GM youngster that our offspring will spawn!


You can read the original article here

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May 24, 2007

A Day In Kent

Yesterday we spent a very interesting and enjoyable day enhanced of course by the great weather. We started with morning coffee at the Lamberhurst Vineyard before moving on to Tenterden for lunch.

The afternoon was spent at a private visit to Boughton Monchelsea Place, a manorial pile of eclectic tastes. There's a great way to describe it! I can best give you the link on the name as the best way to read the history of the place and to provide my usual photo album

Thanks once again to Annette for all the hard work in the organisation of the trip.

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May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Nina


Happy Birthday to a wonderful wife, mother and all the other roles you play in life. You have given me 49 fantastic years and the best family anyone could wish for. I love you so much - enjoy your day.

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May 06, 2007

Nina's Early Celebration

Tea at the Lanesborough Hotel
Nina in the Lounge

Today was a wonderful celebration of Nina’s 70th birthday. Fourteen of us went to the
Lanesbororough Hotel for afternoon tea. OK, so it’s the most expensive hotel in London but it was totally worth it as such birthdays only come round once in a decade! I am a very lucky guy to have fallen in love with such a wonderful girl all those years ago.

Among the presents she got was a marvellous album of photos from her early childhood right through to the present time. Laura compiled this from her own pictures and some provided by me and Martin

Her actual birthday is not until Wednesday when we will be at a U3A lunch, awhere we can celebrate all over again.

Click here to see the photos


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