June 17, 2008

Farewell Robert Sedley

Today we said farewell to our dearest Uncle Robert. This was an opportunity for the family to get together to remember his life and the humour he brought with it. It was also a rare chance to photograph us all together. This time we also had twins, Jacqueline & David with us. They are the children of Robert's cousin, "Young" Lew Sedley!
Back: Marian, David, Jacqueline, Michel, Richard, Stephen, Douglas, Brian, Janet & Jeff.
Front: Robin, Auntie Margaret, Gillian & Joanna

Stephen, Brian, Tia, Jeff, Nina, Angela & Douglas

David & Twin Jacqueline and her husband Sean

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June 10, 2008

Robert Sedley (1915-2008)

Robert Sedley - 90th Birthday

Our beloved Uncle Robert died this morning, the last member of our direct male line of that generation. He was only six weeks short of his 93rd birthday.

He was the best type of uncle anyone could have wished for and I am sure that none of us will ever be able to think of him without smiling. His fund of jokes was legend and his zest for life legendary. They don't produce men like him anymore. Our thoughts are with Auntie Margaret, Robin and Gillian at this sad time.

Go for it Uncle Robert, wherever you are - keep them laughing.

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June 08, 2008

Golden Wedding

Our Golden Wedding Picture

Today Nina & I celebrated 50 years of marriage. Such a simple statement, but a lifetime remembered. Neil, Laura & Laurece made a luncheon party for us and we cannot thank them enough for a really memorable day. We had 60 family, including Janet from Israel and Claire from Paris, and close friends there and a superb meal. I do not know what more I can say about this "Golden Day", but I know that we will both remember it for many years to come. I will let the photographs tell the story.
Jaimie, Laurence, Laura, Neil, Us, Claire, Carly, Janet, Joelle & Keiran

The Four of Us - Laura, Jeff, Nina & Neil

Carly's Message To Her Grandparents

Neil & Laura With Their Party Piece

Our Response

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