June 30, 2007

SCTC Championship Show

Today we held our Championship Show at Langley. The results by class can be viewed by clicking on this link Download file

Photos will appear soon.

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November 13, 2006

Stresses & Strains

Yes, it has happened again! If anything is going to happen to anyone in our family it is me. Why am I so vulnerable?

As you all know, my other interest besides U3A is that I am approved by the Kennel Club to judge Cairn Terriers. In case you don’t know the breed, here is a picture of one of my favourite dogs owned by a lady in Scotland, the homeland of the breed.

Billy F(pub).jpg
Birslaw Billy Fury

Each year at Crufts and at Earls Court in November, the Kennel Club put on an exhibition showing every breed of dog that is registered with them. I run the stand at Earls Court for the Southern Cairn Terrier Club and on the Friday before the show I go up to the hall and dress our stand. This is a simple statement – but fraught with the kind of dangers that I should never contemplate encountering. .In order to print 200 information sheets, I decided to put a new laser cartridge into my printer and managed to jam it in the process! This entailed an hour stripping the infernal machine down to remove the offending item and re-assembling it. I now have one screw left over! It does work however, In the process of lifting this heavy printer I contrived to strain a muscle in my arm and it is now very painful.

Over the years I have devised a cunning plan (as Baldrick would say) in filling a suitcase with all the publicity material and tools required to fix it to our stand. I then strap a small stepladder to the case in order to take it by train to Earls Court. This, again, sound very simple, but in fixing the elastic straps around the ladder and case, one of them snapped back, sprung around at struck me on the upper lip. VERY PAINFUL!!! Nina’s reaction was to collapse into a fit of hysterical laughter, whilst I stuck my head under the cold tap to relieve the pain. Now we are both sitting watching it throb! The swelling has created a look that can only be described as a “vicious snarl”!

As soon as I have composed myself, I am of to set up the stand with a painful arm and pulsating lip to go with the stiff neck that I have had for some weeks now.

It just goes to show that to enjoy life after retirement, one of the prerequisites is to have a sense of humour. It does help to soften the effects of pain.

I hope that this article has managed to bring a smile to the readers face at my expense, but don’t worry; it took Nina at least an hour to stop laughing!

The Stand at Earls court

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October 09, 2005


I have just returned from a weekend in Scotland, having judged Cairns at the Scottish Breeds Canine Club’s open show. This was held in Arbroath, the home of the famous “smokies”. I flew up to Dundee and stayed in an hotel there. I was pick up at the hotel on Saturday morning by one of the committee members and whisked away to the venue. After judging some excellent dogs, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in the company of Sybil & John Berrecloth of the Sybster Cairns. Hand on heart – the fact that Sybil’s dog was Best of Breed had nothing to do with me trying to get an invitation home with them! He was just the best dog I judged on the day.

For my dear friend “Minnesota Jim”; I must tell you that I stayed at a Premier Travel Inn. It was a total clone of the one in Mansfield, but I will never see them in the same light again. It was not the same without you, Sue and Nina.

A very big “Thank You” to Sybil for taking me to Dundee Airport this afternoon, and by the way, Sybil, if you wondered what the weird buzzing noise was coming from the back of your car, I can now reveal all! When I got into the departure lounge, another passenger said to me that there was a strange buzz coming from my bag. I opened it to find that my electric toothbrush had somehow switched itself on! Inside of bag now totally free of plaque!

Thanks again to everyone in Scotland for asking me to judge such a friendly show.


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March 10, 2005


I have just returned from a great day at Crufts. One problem persists, however, and that is that it would appear that age is a worry. It happens all the time - this time it was my camera that I forgot! I am relying on my good friend Alan Firth to send me a couple of good pictures to put on the website.

I think I will have to resort to bits of string threaded through my nose to remind me of things in future, but I fear that I may look a bit stupid with about 50 bits hanging down to my chin.

It does seem that we are losing out to the continent in cairns. The Best of Breed was a Swedish dog once again, and in the Open Dog class, three of the first four were Scandinavian. Once again the pupil has surpassed the teacher!

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November 15, 2004

Discover Dogs

This Saturday and Sunday it was “Discover Dogs” at Earls Court and as usual I ran the cairn stand. I cannot thank my great band of helpers enough, their assistance is, as always, greatly appreciated. It is quite something to give up a large chunk of your weekend but what can be better than spending it telling Joe Public what a great dog a cairn terrier is.
So what breed did you say this is?

How did I get that high?

Say Guys, is that lunch?

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October 11, 2004

Hi Dana

When I first ran the SCTC website some seven years ago I made contact with cairnites all over the world. One of the very early "friends" was a lady from Wisconsin in the USA named Dana Burt. Coincidentally her pet cairn is called Casey and our introduction to these rascals in 1978 was also Casey. He was part of our family for over 16 years.

Dana and I have kept in touch via email and last night - very late for me - we had a conversation via MSN Messenger. I have used MSN for some time to communicate with my family, in particular with Ron Frankel in Dinard, France, but this is the first time with anyone in the US. Dana does not have a webcam so I was unable to see her but she had the dubious pleasure of looking at my ugly mug during the conversation!

Sorry about the picture Dana, it is the only one I have of you!

I suppose that I will now be spending many more late nights talking to you. What a pity that technology cannot solve the problem of the six hour difference between our computers!

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