July 14, 2009

Jeff Sedley 1935-2009

It is with much regret that I have to announce that Jeff passed away at 10:20 this morning.

He will be much missed by his many friends as well as his family.

Rest in Peace.

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June 04, 2009


Yes, you are entitled to that one Carly

Well done Carly! We were delighted to receive the news that No 1 Granddaughter had obtained a 2:1 in her degree from Leeds Metropolitan University. It is great to get news like this when you are not feeling at your best, and I must try to get fit enough to travel to Leeds for her graduation next month.

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May 22, 2009

Significant Birthdays


We cannot believe that our youngest granddaughter, Jaimie, is 18 today! Time has rushed by since our miracle arrived. Have a wonderful day, darling, and realise that life is yours to enjoy.

Today is also the day that my cousin Lorna joins our special "Sedley Club". This is the one that only over 70s can join! Welcome to the club Lorna - you can't escape the fact that you have joined the other four of us!

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June 17, 2008

Farewell Robert Sedley

Today we said farewell to our dearest Uncle Robert. This was an opportunity for the family to get together to remember his life and the humour he brought with it. It was also a rare chance to photograph us all together. This time we also had twins, Jacqueline & David with us. They are the children of Robert's cousin, "Young" Lew Sedley!
Back: Marian, David, Jacqueline, Michel, Richard, Stephen, Douglas, Brian, Janet & Jeff.
Front: Robin, Auntie Margaret, Gillian & Joanna

Stephen, Brian, Tia, Jeff, Nina, Angela & Douglas

David & Twin Jacqueline and her husband Sean

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June 10, 2008

Robert Sedley (1915-2008)

Robert Sedley - 90th Birthday

Our beloved Uncle Robert died this morning, the last member of our direct male line of that generation. He was only six weeks short of his 93rd birthday.

He was the best type of uncle anyone could have wished for and I am sure that none of us will ever be able to think of him without smiling. His fund of jokes was legend and his zest for life legendary. They don't produce men like him anymore. Our thoughts are with Auntie Margaret, Robin and Gillian at this sad time.

Go for it Uncle Robert, wherever you are - keep them laughing.

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June 08, 2008

Golden Wedding

Our Golden Wedding Picture

Today Nina & I celebrated 50 years of marriage. Such a simple statement, but a lifetime remembered. Neil, Laura & Laurece made a luncheon party for us and we cannot thank them enough for a really memorable day. We had 60 family, including Janet from Israel and Claire from Paris, and close friends there and a superb meal. I do not know what more I can say about this "Golden Day", but I know that we will both remember it for many years to come. I will let the photographs tell the story.
Jaimie, Laurence, Laura, Neil, Us, Claire, Carly, Janet, Joelle & Keiran

The Four of Us - Laura, Jeff, Nina & Neil

Carly's Message To Her Grandparents

Neil & Laura With Their Party Piece

Our Response

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May 23, 2008



Oh Dear Jaimie!!! How can you eveer forgive us for not putting an entry in the blog celebrating your birthday? Well, you know how we feel as we did speak to you to ttell you how much we love you. Promise we won't forget ever again

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March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura

Oh well - every year, two weeks after Neil's comes Laura's! Happy Birthday darling, Mum and I are so proud of all you have achieved and know that you are always there when we need you. Have a great day

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February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Neil


Oh dear - How old it makes me feel! Neil is 46 today, and probably won't read this until tomorrow as he always does nothing on his birthday. When you do read it Neil, Mum & I wish you a very Happy Day and a good year ahead.

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December 29, 2007

Christmas Continued

Martin, Pat, Katy, Adam, Clare, Neil and Nina
Tony, Monte and Jeff

So this time it is Nina's family that get into the picture. Yesterday we had everyone over to lunch. Really great to have us all together for the first time in ages.

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December 26, 2007

Christmas Cheer

After Christmas at Nicky & Vicky's we spent a restful day with Laura and Laurence. Joëlle in Israel, only Carly and Jaimie were at home. Jaimie had her friend Jenny down from Glasgow but even then the family picture was somewhat depleted.

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December 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Joëlle


It's birthday time again! This time it is the 18th birthday of our gorgeous second granddaughter Joëlle.

Have a great day, darling, and take lots of fabulous pictures! We love you tons.

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November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Carly


A very happy 20th birthday to our number one granddaughter. Can't be helped Carly, your teenage years have to end now!

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June 09, 2007

49 Years On

The Belvedere from the formal gardens

Yesterday was our 49th wedding anniversary and also that of our dear friends, Jackie & Ron. As we do every year, we went out for a meal to celebrate and this year decided to go to the "Belvedere" in Holland Park. The food and the service were superb and we were early enough to walk throught he beautiful Japanese garden and the formal English partere.

After a Good Meal!

Nina, Ron & Jackie in the Japanese Garden

Nina & Jackie by the Cascade

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May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Nina


Happy Birthday to a wonderful wife, mother and all the other roles you play in life. You have given me 49 fantastic years and the best family anyone could wish for. I love you so much - enjoy your day.

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May 06, 2007

Nina's Early Celebration

Tea at the Lanesborough Hotel
Nina in the Lounge

Today was a wonderful celebration of Nina’s 70th birthday. Fourteen of us went to the
Lanesbororough Hotel for afternoon tea. OK, so it’s the most expensive hotel in London but it was totally worth it as such birthdays only come round once in a decade! I am a very lucky guy to have fallen in love with such a wonderful girl all those years ago.

Among the presents she got was a marvellous album of photos from her early childhood right through to the present time. Laura compiled this from her own pictures and some provided by me and Martin

Her actual birthday is not until Wednesday when we will be at a U3A lunch, awhere we can celebrate all over again.

Click here to see the photos


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March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura


Happy birthday to our "baby". We won't mention your age, but we still think of you as our baby. Have a wonderful day.

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February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Neil

Never Opens his Eyes
for a Photograph!

I know that I vowed that I would not wish Neil “Happy Birthday” until the day after each year, but I have to break the promise this year as he is coming over to us this evening.

Celebrating your son’s birthday is always a milestone, but Nina and I cannot believe that it was 45 years ago that we welcomed him into this world at 10 minutes past midnight. All I can say is that we could not have asked for a better son; and every year only confirms the fact.

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December 26, 2006

Family Christmas

Boxing day at Laura's was our usual get together. Laura had friends down from Glasgow and Jaimie has two Glasgow girls staying who she is going off to camp with tomorrow.

It was a wonderful free and easy day and this is the result of my usual photograph of everyone.

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December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Joëlle


A very happy birthday wish to our darling Grandaughter Joëlle. We hope you have a wonderful day.

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November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Carly


A very happy 19th birthday to our darling granddaughter. We hope you are having a great time at Uni. We can't wait to see you at the end of term. Luv ya loads

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May 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Jaimie


A very happy bithday to our very special Granddaughter, Jaimie. You are a great 15 year old and we love you very much. Have a great day and we hope you will enjoy "Sinatra".

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May 10, 2006

J'ai Trouvé Ma Soeur!

Nina, Claire, Moi! et Susan

WOW! What a birthday I have had today! Nina, friend Susan and I went on a day trip to Paris. My dear friend Gerry was supposed to be with us, but he is in hospital going through a bad patch – Get well soon Bruv.

My particular excitement about this trip was that I was going to meet Claire. Who is Claire I hear you ask? This is a very long story, but I will try to keep it brief.

Claire is actually my second cousin twice removed, whose parents were killed by the Nazis during the war. My parents wanted to adopt her in 1946, but she was already living with an uncle on her father’s side of the family. I was very disappointed that I was not going to have a sister, but here we were in Paris and meeting for the first time in 60 years!

I could go on and write pages on the subject, but suffice it to say that – on my birthday today – I found my sister at last. What is even better, is that Nina thinks she is lovely too!

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February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Neil

Last year I vowed that I would leave Neil alone on his birthday, but now I am in a dilemma as, yesterday being a Sunday, we invited him and Laura’s lot over for tea.

So, Neil, sorry I woke you up on your birthday, but you have to realise that we were eager to wish you “Happy Birthday”. We both love you very much and these things have to be put into action at the earliest moment. It was great having the family present so that we could all celebrate. What is another year when you are in the prime of your life?

This is the photo we took to record the occasion and you have to admit that we all look very happy.

Have a good year and may it finish as well as it has started for you.

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December 15, 2005

Parent's Pride


It doesn't matter how old your children are, you can still revel in the pride you feel at their achievements. Today we were at the Graduation Ceremony of our daughter, Laura. Her husband, Laurence, Nina and I went to the Barbican Centre for the London Metropolitan University ceremony. Although Laura originally graduated as a teacher some years ago, she decided to add a BA(Ed) in Early Chilhood Studies to her achivements.

Apart from the presentations to the graduands, honorary doctorates of philosophy were conferred upon The Lord Mayor of London, Alderman David Brewer and Mr Mike Leigh, the film writer & director. The graduands were received by the Lord Mayor and the University President, Professor Sir Roderick Floud.
A Very Proud Family
Sir Roderick Floud & Laura
Yes - we are proud parents; and very lucky ones too. We have two children that we are very proud of.

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December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to our Special Second-in-Line Granddaughter. Dearest Joëlle we both love you very, very much and wish you every success in this special year in your education. Enjoy being sixteen! All our love, Grandma and Grandpa. So sorry that this entry is a day late!!

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November 11, 2005

Happy 18th to Carly


To our fantastic and beautiful Granddaughter, Carly, we wish you a very Happy & Healthy 18th Birthday. We hope that your entry into adulthood will be the begining of a succesful and rewarding career whichever direction you choose.

We know that you are going to be a credit to Mum & Dad and all the rest of the family. Have a really great day.

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October 01, 2005

49 Years On

30 September 1956

Oh Boy! How time flies. I suddenly realised yesterday that it was 49 years since Nina & I got engaged. At least we can still smile at the thought of how young we were. I know our family probably thinks that we were old "Fuddy Duddies", but we also had our rebelions and we were also "cool" for our time! Pehaps they will remember that when they reach this period of their lives. Suffice it to say that, at the moment we are having the last laugh!

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July 31, 2005

90 Years Young

"The Birthday Boy"
Today has been one of those “Golden Days” for the Sedley family. We all gathered at the Bowood Golf Club in Wiltshire to celebrate Uncle Robert’s 90th Birthday. It was great to see 11 members of my generation and their partners joining Auntie Margaret & Uncle Robert on this memorable occasion. What a pity we could not have had the next generation there with us, but we would have had to have taken over the town of Chippenham to do it! The picture I have included below is of all the guests, family and two couples of Uncle Robert’s friends from their village. Click on the link here to see the rest of the photos.

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July 22, 2005

Carly's Back!

Carly arrived home from Israel this morning sporting her bronze medal. Well done Carls!
For more pictures, including all the action go to Laura's page,

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July 03, 2005

The Sedley-Frankel Alliance.

Tonight we had a delightful evening at my cousin Douglas’s home. He and his wife Angela arranged a gathering of the clans. This was another occasion in the cementing of the Sedley-Frankel alliance, which has gathered pace over the last few weeks.

The catalyst for this has been the wedding of Michel Khalifa to Mirjam in Amsterdam, at which the American and French branches gathered. We were delighted that Michel & Mirjam were also in London today and it is incredible to think that I have reached the age of 70 and continue to meet relatives for the first time.


I promised everyone that this entry would be on my website tonight, together with this picture. If you want to know who everyone is, you will have to email me!

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June 11, 2005

A Week of New Experiences

What a week the past seven days have been! I have a new computer that has caused innumerable traumas and problems with regard to the transfer of programs and files. On Wednesday, Nina and myself celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary balanced all of this. We went out with Jackie & Ron, who as most of my readers will know, celebrate the same date and number of years with us. We then met another cousin of mine from California for the first time. I have corresponded with Clarice and her husband Dale, for some time, but this is the first time we have ever met.

Dale, Clarice and Nina

We met them again on Thursday at the Tate Modern and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We hope they have a great time whilst they are in the UK, and we are able to meet them again soon.

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May 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Jaimie - Belatedly

I didn't forget you yesterday - How could I? I had trouble with my blog and then we were out all day. You know that Grandma and I love you very much, so you get a longer message than most. Sorry about the picture, but it is the latest one I have of you!
14 Years Old - LUV YA!

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May 10, 2005

Cometh the Day........

It had to happen! By glancing at the heading of this page you will realise that I have now reached my "Threescore year and ten", although reliably informed by a friend that it should be "Threescore year & THEN". I think I prefer that one.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes and cards, especially all my wonderful friends at the EFU3A. What a great bunch you all are.

Obviously at a time like this we all reminisce and think of our younger days, especially with the 60th anniversary of VE day held earlier this week. One funny incident occurred on Sunday when my granddaughter, Joёlle, decided to clear out some old clothes. She found a skirt that she wore when she was 3 and a tee shirt from a couple of years later. These paired with a pair of shorts and a hat from the same era were tried on! Yes; would you believe it they fitted her at the age of 15, and here are the pictures to prove it! how wonderful it is to have a fun family.

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May 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Nina

How I will always think of her

Today is the birthday of my darling wife, Nina. I found a card that said "I dropped a tear in the ocean, when they find it - I will stop loving you". How about that to express an eternal love. Call me sloppy if you like, but I am getting old! Well, I will be tomorrow!

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March 13, 2005

Happy Birthday - Laura


We wish our wonderful daughter Laura a very Happy and Healthy Birthday. We love you very much and know that you are going to achieve everything you set out to. Have a wonderful day.

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February 26, 2005

Happy Birthday - Neil

Last year I promised that I would not post a greeting to Neil on his birthday until the following day. This was because he always took the day off from work to be completely on his own in his own space. OK, so this year it is not a working day! Sorry Neil, I will have to break the promise. Happy Birthday from Mum & Dad.

Console yourself with the though that however much older you get, we are still way ahead of you! Have a great weekend.

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December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

What a relief to have a quiet day relaxing at home with Laura & Laurence and the girls. After the traumas of Laurence's operations over the last few weeks, it was wonderful having him home. We shipped all our food contributions over to their house and the five of them , Nina and me and Monte had a great lunch together and then after a walk settled down to a totally relaxed day moronically watching the box! There are certain times when you just have to say - "Sorry - our brains are resting for the day!"
Jaimie, Joëlle, Nina, Carly & Laura

Neil, Laurence & Jeff

A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Everyone

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December 08, 2004



We both wish a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to our gorgeous 15 year old Granddaughter Joëlle. We hope that the next year brings you all you wish for yourself. We love you tons.

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October 29, 2004

Greenwich & Kensington Gardens

greenwich telescope.jpg
Telescope at the Royal Observatory

On Tuesday Nina took Jaimie to Greenwich and yesterday went to Kensington Gardens with Laura. I am sure that this was only in order to try out her new camera. Even if it was, she was blessed with great weather on both days. Here are the pictures taken on both days

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October 03, 2004

Toni Harris Party

Today was the 91st birthday party of Toni Harris, Laurence's mother. We were sad that Laurence could not attend although he is out of hospital for a couple of days. Hopefully he will have his operation next week and it will all be smooth sailing from then on.

The girls were with us and we were able to get some photos of Toni with her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

I have to admit that there cannot be many nonagenarians that are as active and can dance the way Toni does.

Have a look at the album for photos

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September 28, 2004

Happy Anniversary


Laura & Laurence have been through a rough time over the last few weeks, but hopefully their luck and Laurence's health will improve from now on.

Today is their 18th Wedding Annversary and Nina & I wish them all the very best and look forward to many more in the future. We look forward to being with them at Laurence's mother's 91st birthday party at the weekend.

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July 04, 2004



It is three months today since Buki died and it is only now that I feel able to write about him. He was my Cousin Janet’s husband and was the nearest I ever came to having a brother. Buki, Janet and I were all born in the same year and it felt as though we had been a threesome forever.

Buki’s real name was Simon Henri Boekebinder, but for the last 50 years he has only been known as Buki. He was born in Amsterdam in January 1935. During the war he was separated from his two brothers and hidden in a windmill in Northern Holland. This was to be his life for four years until 1945 when he and his brothers were reunited, both their parents having died in the concentration camp of Sobibor. After another two years in an orphanage they eventually found their way to Israel with another 30 young Dutch children and made that country their home. He and Janet married in 1956 and had three wonderful children.

Unfortunately his health never fully recovered from the deprivations suffered during the war and in 1994 his heart was only working to some 16% capacity. He found the heat of Israel too much to bear in the summer, and established a home in Rotterdam to help him cope. It was also felt that the chance of a heart transplant would be greater in the Netherlands. This did not however materialise. Having been told that year that he only had 6 months to live, he decided that he was going to enjoy whatever life had in store for him. He actually lived for over ten years from that time and had another three grandchildren making a total of nine. They were to be his greatest joy and I know that they will become a great credit to him and Janet.

Nina and I saw him last October and knew that it would probably be the last time, and when he returned to Israel in December he was very weak. He died on 4 April this year and we are still finding it very hard to comprehend. The photograph at the top of this page was taken in 1995 in Rotterdam, and I like to think that it is one of the last taken prior to his gradual deterioration.

God Bless You Buki, Nina and I miss you but you will always be in our thoughts.

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June 27, 2004


This weekend we celebrated the Batmitzvah (Confirmation) of our youngest Granddaughter, Jaimie. The service yesterday and the party today were superb. Laura & Laurence, we cannot thank you enough for such a great time. Both Carly & Joëlle also looked wonderful and were most supportive of their sister. I must have taken over 100 pictures, but this is the best one of the family.
Joëlle,Carly & Jaimie with Laura & Laurence

Jaimie, grandma and I are very proud of you. Your performance yesterday was first class, and your fantastic speech today had everyone in stitches. Please don’t ever change!

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May 23, 2004



Today we had a service to consecrate the memorials to my Uncle John and his son Brian. Sadly Brian died at the young age of 61 last July four months before his father who was in his 91st year. If any memorial was really to be effective in the Sedley family, it had to include the word “Humour”. It was delightful to see that both stones included that word and enabled us all to truly feel that we were celebrating the lives of two men who really appreciated what the word meant. Brian’s daughter Victoria spoke about her father and gave us a cameo insight of Brian as a family man, and I spoke about the family history and John’s place in all our hearts. There were 11 Sedley cousins present and it was a wonderful experience to get us all together for this picture with our Uncle Robert (John’s brother) who will be 89 in July.
L to R: Stephen, Janet, Marian, Lorna, Daniel, Michel, Jeff, Uncle Robert, Douglas, Gillian, Brian (Plen) and David

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May 22, 2004


A very Happy Birthday to our wonderful Granddaughter Jaimie – finally reached her “Teens”. We love you very much. Sorry we did not put this up earlier, but as you know we have been out all day.

Also Happy Birthday to cousin Lorna, just a few years older than Jaimie!

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May 09, 2004



Today is Nina's birthday and tomorrow it will be mine. I am somewhat torn as to what we should do about such anniversaries bearing in mind our advancing years. There are not many things that I am ambivalent about as I can usually formulate an opinion one way or the other. OK, on reflection, we should be jolly glad that we have reached this age and have spent so much of it in each other's company. I only hope that we can look forward to many more birthdays and that we can also continue to laugh about life as we have always done. We also hope that our great circle of friends and relations will continue to be around for just as long. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO US!

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February 27, 2004

Neil's Birthday

Forty Years Ago

It was Neil’s birthday yesterday. No we did not forget, but honoured his desire for that day to be totally private. If you read his webpage you will note his comment that he never works on his birthday and so Nina and I left him to his own devices during the day but invited him over for dinner in order that he did not have to cook for himself. I'm sorry about the picture Neil, but I thought that some of your readers might like it.

I do not argue with his philosophy about making the day different from the other 365 days in the year (any other year 364) and so say to him today “Enjoy the beginning of your 43rd year”.

Neil, I promise that every year from now on I will be one day late in the mind of everyone else in the family, but will send you a welcome message on the first day of your following year. GO FOR IT, SON!

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December 28, 2003

Goodwill to All

So - I make the ultimate sacrifice and dispose of my 35mm equipment in order to buy a new digital camera and the first results are highjacked by my family and published on their websites. I suppose I have to accept that this is a form of flattery. My motto in such cases is "Don't applaud - just throw money". For the results of my Christmas day pictures you will have to go to Laura's site.

Yesterday we all went over to Melanie Blatt's house as her parents David & Hélène and sister Jasmine were over from France. David has come over to see his publisher, as he is bringing his first book out on 1 May 2004. Watch this space! Anyone who knows David will realise that it obviously has a lot to do with Manchester United.

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December 08, 2003

Happy Birthday Joëlle


A very happy 14th birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter Joëlle. Grandma and I love you very much and hope you have a really fab day.

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November 30, 2003

John Sedley (1913-2003)


Today we attended the funeral of my 90 year old Uncle John. Funerals are not the most pleasant of experiences, but when the person has had a good life we can reflect on it with happiness. Throughout my life I have always thought of my father’s two youngest brothers, John and Robert, as role models in how to approach life with an open mind and good sense of humour. John maintained a humorous twinkle in his eye right to the end. He had a short spell in hospital in August and when we went to visit him, he saw us from a distance even before we saw him.

We send all our love and best wishes to Robert and to John's son Douglas who has faced the double loss of his father and younger brother, Brian, who died in July. If there is a life hereafter, then at least John will be met by Brian, whose death he was unaware of in this life.

God Bless you Uncle John We loved you and we will miss you.

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November 11, 2003

Happy Birthday to Carly


We wish our eldest granddaughter a very happy 16th birthday. We hope you have a fabulous year and that your GCSE results will be just what you hope for.

All our love from Grandma & Grandpa

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October 30, 2003


Nina and I enjoyed a great weekend in Rotterdam with Janet and Buki. Buki has been quite ill and our visit did a lot to brighten him up. The weather last Saturday was not the best, but I managed a walk of about 5 miles along the banks of the River Rotter and around the lakes of Hillegersberg when we arrived on Friday afternoon.
Hillegesberg Lakes

Sunday was a little more promising and we visited the market in Rotterdam and indulged in our favourite pastime when there – eating Poffertjes! What are these you may ask? They are small pancakes about 4cm in diameter and you can have a portion of 10, 15 or 20. They are griddled in a type of frying pan with indentations into which the batter is poured. Turning each one is done with a special wooden fork and is obviously a specialist skill. Believe me 10 are sufficient. They are served on a plate absolutely smothered in icing sugar and a large knob of butter. On the side you have a small pot of various syrups or jams to add as you will. Nina always has a raisin liqueur and raisins whilst I cannot resist syrupy ginger. If my readers are ever in Rotterdam, just ask anyone to guide you to “Bongers”. They are world famous and serve the best poffertjes, which, by the way, is pronounced POFERGEES.

Monday was reserved for shopping, a pastime that cannot be resisted by any woman, and Nina is no exception.

Thanks again to J & B for putting up with us, and we cannot wait to return again next year.

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September 05, 2003

Twenty Twenty Vision

I had a visit from my cousin Lorna, who lives abroad, and we were discussing various aspects of life. She expounded the theory that we live our lives in a series of tranches, each of twenty years. Here is my version.

The first up to the age of 20, we are concerned totally with ourselves. Our education is foremost, particularly as we have to cover the fact that we are convinced our parents are embarrassingly ignorant. We are slightly relieved to find that over the final three or four years of this period, their understanding of our problems have improved – but only slightly!

Stage two, from 20 to 40, at the time seems the most traumatic. We have completed our education and are now aware of the fact that our parents had acquired knowledge throughout their lives that was far superior to anything we had learnt. We do not of course admit this to them. This oversight is probably due to the fact that we are far too busy working, marrying and having children who, in turn, also have to be educated. On reflection, perhaps we should have subdivided this period into two tens. It doesn’t really matter because this is the time that we are at our most energetic and can cope with anything!

Stage three is where we begin to enjoy life. Our children are growing up and, if we are lucky, they have married and are no longer our responsibility, even though we don’t admit to them that we will never stop worrying about them. Hang on – in an earlier stage we were not admitting certain things to our parents weren’t we? Yes, from our busiest stage, we have now reached the “sandwich” one, where we feel responsible for both our children and our parents. We are experiencing what it is like to be torn in half. Did I say that we could begin to enjoy ourselves? Yes of course I did, because it is also during this period that we acquire a new plaything – a grandchild! The cream on the cake is the ability to have your children and grandchildren to visit, and after a couple of hours of pleasure, turn to them and say, “Thank you for going”!

The next stage is 60 to 80, and I face commenting on this with some trepidation as I am not quite half way through it and I do not know what lies ahead. All I do know is that the grandchildren are no longer playthings; they have grown into young adults and I delight in seeing a reflection of my own teen rebellion brought up to date. It is a wonderful thing to view a changing world through their eyes and to realise that one of the best things about this period is that we are becoming adept philosophers.

I can only conjecture that the pleasure of the final stage, should we be so lucky as to complete it, is that we will have achieved the ultimate in selfishness by thinking only of ourselves. We will be able to say whatever we like about anyone and anything. It will not matter how rude or inconsiderate it appears as no one will take any notice and will think of us as totally eccentric and senile. A little twinkle in our eyes will indicate to the perceptive that this is not the case, we are just having our last bit of fun – and also the last laugh.

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August 01, 2003

A New Judge

Congratulations to our dear friends Jackie & Ron. How proud they must be having seen their son, Howard, sworn in as a District Judge this morning, with chambers at Ilford County Court. Our very best wishes to them and to Howard and Karen with Matthew and Zoe. We are sure he will be a Solomon incarnate.
Jackie, Howard & Ron - (Love the hair style Howard)

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July 31, 2003

Samson & Delilah

OK folks – I knew that I should not have written that last item. As soon as she saw it Laura said, “Go for it”. We arranged that I would go round to "Daughter Delilah" this afternoon and she would give me a No 2, not a No 1. She said it would be more befitting of a sophisticated gentleman of my mature years! Did she really mean “Old Bock” with mature ears? We thought it would be great to do it without Nina knowing so that I could surprise her when I got home. Would you believe it though, when I got to Laura’s house; there was Nina’s car outside. Laura always said she was psychic and could guess when some plan was afoot. Anyway – deed done, and here is the result.


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June 15, 2003


Today is Father’s Day, and both Neil and Laura did not forget. As if they would. It is wonderful to know that your children do think of you when it matters.

Laura bought me a “Talking Pedometer”! Now this really engendered all sorts of diverse thoughts of what it might do. On the box it says “Counts and announces up to 99,999 steps”. I calculate that this is approximately 47 miles at my pace length that we measured at 75cm. Now there is a mixture of good old Imperial and Gallic/European Metric systems! It is just as well that it only announces up to that level, as I should probably be in a state of total non-comprehension should I even get anywhere near that distance walking. After all why do we have cars?

The next note on the box is that it “Plays melodies in sync with your walking speed”. I am now worried that it might encourage one to speed up somewhat and, therefore, the melody does likewise and so on and so on, until you have burnt away the soles of your shoes.

Now I read that it “Has an alarm for use as a reminder”. Reminder of what, you are walking; how on earth can you forget!

How can I be so critical about a present given to me in love by my wonderful daughter? I know she meant well and was only thinking of my health, but it does make you think about how much initiative is being taken away from us. We are becoming just like C3PO or R2D2 in Star Wars. Well, obviously at my height, it must be R2D2!

I am now off for a walk with the infernal machine clipped to my belt, and if you don’t hear from me again, it means that the music speeded up; and I disappeared into the distance in a puff of smoke. If I can manage a turn to starboard, I might be able to complete a full circle and arrive home in about 6,400 steps. Sorry, my brain has just blown a fuse – you work out how far that is. I need a shower, and I haven’t even started yet.

PS. Thank you Neil & Laura for your Blog messages.

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June 14, 2003

Hi Karen!

This is just for you. I hear that you search my site every night just to see if I mention you. Well this is it. Don't tell Howard, but remember, the in-laws are always watching!!!!


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June 09, 2003


Thank you everyone who sent us messages of congratulation for our anniversary. We had a fantastic two days with Jackie & Ron, but you are going to have to wait for the photos. I used my 35mm camera, and I will get the film back tomorrow. I will post any worthwhile ones then.

In the meantime - have a laugh - this is a photo of the happy couple 45 years ago on THE DAY!

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June 08, 2003

Wedded Bliss

A very Happy Anniversary to my wife, Nina, and a big "Thank You " for 45 wonderful years together.

Loving sentiments to Jackie & Ron who I am sure are feeling exactly the same towards each other today. I am sure the four of us are going to have a great time together. Let's hope the weather is kind to us.

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